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Random Thoughts About Leadership and Life

Every so often, I add to my list of the lessons I’m learning, or the random thoughts I’m having, based on my experience in the field. The list reflects what I see as common behaviors or circumstances at work and in life that either contribute to successful, or unwanted, results. Here’s my latest update:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Random Thoughts About Leadership and Life, by Donna Rawady, published in the Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY, on Jan 10, 2017.

As I write this, 2016 is coming to an end. With every year we gain experience and add a few more lessons learned. Here are a few random lessons I’ve learned that continue to ring true in my experience. Wishing you all a healthy, happy, and successful 2017.

– Assertive accomplishes a great deal more than aggressive, and engagement always beats intimidation.

– Stress makes us less productive at work, and less accessible to our loved ones.

– Mutual respect and a service attitude are what builds and maintains successful working relationships. This is true no matter what role we hold in an organization or business relationship.

– Effective organizational change management requires a clear vision and consistent reinforcement. It also requires a fair amount of rolled up sleeves and elbow grease.

– We all make mistakes. It’s best to acknowledge them, take responsibility for them, and move on.

– As leaders, if we promise more than we or our teams can deliver, we can break down trust. Yet, if we promise small doable steps and then follow through and deliver, we build trust.

– A leader’s success is often measured by an organization’s profitability. What’s more important are the strategies behind the scenes to keep the profitability sustainable.

– As leaders we’re often baffled by someone’s lack of accountability. Yet, we seldom ask ourselves why we allow it.

– The most successful leaders maintain a perfect balance between business acumen and communication skills.

– Struggling to make sense of something when stressed or stumped is rarely productive. It may be clearer tomorrow.

– It’s important to listen to our gut. It may be trying to tell us something we already know on some level.

– Integrity always matters.