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3 Ways to Breathe Life Into Your Business

There are myriad factors impacting the success of a small business, whether it be new or well-established. The success that small business owners or any business leaders experience is in large part due to energy: the energy behind their passion; the energy to sustain consistent efforts towards a longer-term goal; and the energy to maintain a genuine service attitude with their prospects, customers and associates.

Here are three ways to breathe life into your new or existing business:

1. Ignite (or Re-ignite) your passion.

If you’ve ever experienced the passion behind a start-up business or new venture, you know that it was palpable. In fact, if you were to think back on any time when you were fully engaged and accomplished great things, your passion was certainly at its core. Passion drives your vision, your confidence, and your actions. Passion will continue to drive you and your business successfully. Many things in life can impact your level of passion negatively, including personal loss, health, family circumstances, business slumps or simply the lack of stimulating change, to name a few. When you find yourself lacking passion, you may find you’re less effective and the day-to-day charge of running your business and/or leading others can become a chore. What can you do about it? Here are a few quick tools that may help you find or reclaim your passion:

– Be honest with yourself about your waning passion.

– Explore your options to the fullest. Write about them. Write about your dreams, and your worst fears. Explore how an imagined change in your work will impact different facets of your life and the lives of those you love. As you explore, if obstacles present themselves, ask yourself: What if this obstacle wasn’t here? Then what would I want to do, and how might I go about it? Seeing your options explored beyond your perceived challenges will provide you more information to help you better drive your decision-making. Through a fearless and risk-free exploration of your options, you’ll either renew a sense of passion for what you’re currently doing, or you’ll clarify your desire or need to make a change.

– Share your state of mind and ideas with people you trust and get a few other perspectives, ideas, and best practices.

2. Focus on short-term activity versus long-term outcomes.

In order to start a new business or grow an existing business, there’s no denying it’s crucial to have clarity around your long-term revenue goals—your ideal, break-even, and unacceptable levels of business performance. That being said, consider this approach:

-Instead of focusing on outcomes, focus on consistent current activity as it relates to the outcome. For example, you may find that you’re focusing on or stressing about the revenue you’re going to generate or lose based on whether you land a proposal. A more productive question may be about what specific, however small, action you can take today that will move you forward, towards your more comprehensive marketing goals. It’s the old “plant enough seeds and some will blossom” analogy. Sometimes you may find that the return may not come directly from where you placed your energy, but you can count on a return nonetheless. The bottom line is, business growth is most robust when you’re putting energy out daily and consistently.

3. Demonstrate a genuine service attitude.

Take the time to send an article of interest to a prospect. Offer your expertise to a colleague in need. Go the extra mile for a client. Maintain a genuine service approach and your prospects and customers will gravitate towards you and what you have to offer.

These three doable strategies provide you the opportunity to take action today. Breathe energy into your business goals….Energy in, revenue out.