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On a personal note…My creative side is dying to come out!

Just to clarify, I’m referring to my ability and motivation to produce creative art. Actually, I’m talking more about my desire to produce art, and my lack of motivation to get started. For those of you who read my blog, you know that 99% of the time, my posts are focused on workplace topics, tools and strategies. But today, I feel compelled to share one of my personal journeys. And I’m asking you directly for any thoughts or guidance you might be willing to offer.

I enjoy playing with clay. I love to write. I’ve thought seriously about starting a video blog on aging gracefully. “Aging Grace”….. See? I even named it! Yet, the weeks fly by, and they become months and then years and I consistently find myself disappointed in myself because I’ve not taken the time to express my creative side. How often do I think about these things? Almost daily.

I did collaborate on a poetry and art project this past year with my brother who is an incredible artist. He had a gallery showing of art representing mental illness and states of mind, and he asked me to write prose to accompany several of his pieces. It was a great experience. With someone waiting for me and counting on me, by a specific deadline, I’m golden. But left to my own awakening? Well, that’s another story.

My professional work and business is demanding. I’m fortunate that I love it, but it is time consuming and it calls for a great deal of thought. Spending time with my spouse is a priority for me. Our immediate family has grown to 11 people and I love spending time with each of them. And seeing my girlfriends is crucial to my well-being! Not a whole lot of time left to dabble in creating tiny heads of clay 🙂 If I were offering counsel to myself, I would say… “Do it in small chunks. Just devote 10 minutes a day to one of these artful endeavors, and see where it takes you.” I know intellectually that’s a great idea. But I can already hear my brain closing shut when I say it. So….Can you relate? Am I alone in this feeling? Do you have any thoughts or strategies to share that may help me or readers who may be experiencing something similar?

Thank you for listening! I actually feel a little better already.