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When’s the last time you gave specific positive feedback to that awesome performer on your team, or that valued colleague?

Consider approaching a high-performing individual on your team, or an awesome colleague, today. Let them know how highly you think of them. Offer one or two specific examples that highlight ways in which their efforts, skills, or approaches have made a difference to a project, your team, or your organization.
As we struggle to find the time to respond to daily demands, and work towards longer-term goals at work, it’s sometimes easy to take our highest performers for granted. They deserve one-on-one attention and coaching. They may appreciate discussing their successes in more detail, giving them the opportunity to remain pumped about a job well done. Keep them engaged. Ask them how you might best support their career goals, or how you might help them engage in new learning opportunities.
As leaders and professionals, we’re frequently reminded of how important it is to provide timely and specific feedback relating to poor performance. Today, we’re reminded to offer the same service to those who provide outstanding contributions.