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Every person on your team—regardless of their level of performance—deserves your best leadership and guidance.

If you’re leading a team you undoubtedly have a percentage of high-performers on the team—People you enjoy leading, working with, and mentoring. People who shine. They take initiative or they take your lead, get better at their jobs, and highly contribute to the organization.

You may also have people who are mediocre or under-performers. They may lack strategic thinking. They may fail to contribute beyond the minimum. Or, they might be trying their hardest yet they’re still falling short of reaching their goals.

Having to roll up your sleeves for the hard work of leading someone who is tough to engage, or who may lack skills or professional drive, is not fun. It can be draining. It can slow your progress towards an objective. It’s understandably frustrating.

It’s natural for leaders to find themselves gravitating towards their high performers. And it’s natural to avoid efforts—that they may see as fruitless—with those they deem as under-performers. Yet, as leaders we have a responsibility to lead and coach every member of our team. We have a responsibility to seek to understand the strengths and struggles of each individual. We’re charged with setting and communicating clear expectations and requirements for performance. We’re called on to coach and develop, and generate accountability.

The personal reward may come when you’ve helped an individual soar in their role, or you’ve helped someone who continues to struggle, to find a better fit for their talents and skills. And if you’ve done it all with a genuine regard for the individual’s well-being, you’ve offered your best.